Henry F. Teichmann, Inc.’s engineering philosophy is to utilize the best of proven equipment, materials and technology for the client’s needs and cost requirements. Our experienced staff of design engineers gives us world class status in the glass industry. We design and develop furnaces that provide our customers with the most efficient, profitable, trouble-free glass making facility possible.
In 1951, we introduced our HFT Pre-Designed Package End -Fired Furnace concept to the glass industry. The range of furnace melting areas are from 152 ft2 to 1000 ft2 and are suited for melting flint, green or amber glasses with optional additions such as electric boosting and bubbling systems. The HFT designs can be adapted to producing container, roll pattern, tableware, sodium silicate and others.
Generally these furnaces are individually designed to produce float glass, container glass, TV glass and others. Production capacities range from 75 TPD to 750 TPD for clear and colored glasses. Electric boosting and bubbling systems can be installed to increase the furnace efficiency and improve glass quality. Designs include gas or oil firing capability.
Oxy-Fuel Fired
Our furnace engineers have provided furnace designs that are now operational producing float glass, container glass, fiberglass as well as other types of glass. Oxy-fuel furnaces are the perfect solution because they reduce or in some cases eliminate emissions from the glass melting process.
All electric furnaces provide an economical and environmentally safe method of producing most types of glass. Cold top superstructure designs are suited from melting borosilicate, fluoride opal and lead glasses.
Our commitment to total quality performance, and customer satisfaction has enabled
Teichmann to design, procure, construct and successfully startup
the glass making process in over 40 countries worldwide.

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