HFT is dedicated to the glass industry and only the glass industry. 

We design, build, rebuild and repair all types of glass producing facilities, including furnaces, batch plants, forming, annealing, cold-end/finishing and plant utilities. Our rebuild and repair activities cover refractory, electrical, mechanical, steel structure, piping and ductwork, controls, instrumentation, and basically everything inside the glass plants.


Glass Plant Rebuilds and Repairs

A major part of HFT Construction activities is meeting the stringent schedule and cost demands of rebuilds and repairs in the glass industry. HFT has a track record of delivering projects of all sizes, under budget and within targeted downtime.

  • Float Rebuilds

  • Container Glass Rebuilds

  • Fiber Glass Rebuilds

  • Tableware

  • Tubing

  • Foam Glass

  • Sodium Silicate

  • Other Specialty Glass


Hot Repair

Whether it’s an unexpected furnace problem or just scheduled maintenance, HFT knows that repairs must be completed as quickly and safely as possible. We have a team of hot repair professionals and maintain a complete inventory of specialized hot repair equipment that can be expedited to any location, worldwide. For nearly 70 years, our hot repair team has provided emergency hot repairs on all parts of a glass melting facility.

  • Other Hot End Repairs

  • Forehearth and Distributor Repairs

  • All Super Structure Repairs

  • Crown Patching and Repairs

  • Doghouse Replacement

  • Complete Checker Replacement

  • Melter Repairs