E.W. Bowman Products & Services

Annealing Lehrs, Decorating Lehrs & Thermal Solutions

E.W. Bowman specializes in supplying highly efficient and robust Annealing Lehrs, Decorating Lehrs & Thermal Solutions for the global glass industry. Further complementing its product line up Bowman offers complete turnkey installations, start-up support, training, annealing consultation, overhauls, servicing, upgrades and replacement parts.


  • Annealing Lehrs
  • Ceramic (High Temperature) Decorating Lehrs
  • Organic (Low Temperature) Decorating Lehrs
  • Dual Belted Lehrs
  • Glass Block Annealing Lehrs
  • Glass Bending Lehrs
  • Glass Fiber & Insulation Lehrs
  • Hardening Lehrs
  • Striking Ovens
  • Special Heat Treatment Kilns
  • Burn Off Ovens
  • Glass Forming Mould Pre-Heating Ovens
  • Lehr Belt Cleaning Brushes
  • Fire Polishers


  • Container Glass
  • Tableware & Pressware
  • Fiber Glass
  • Lighting Glass
  • Pharmaceutical Glass
  • Borosilicate & Tubing Glass
  • Kitchen Ware
  • Lighting Glass
  • Specialty Glass
Annealing & Decorating Lehrs

E.W. Bowman, Inc. use their almost 60 years of Lehr building experience within the global glass industry, coupled with the latest technology to supply the most robust, maintenance free and energy efficient Lehr available in the market today.


After sales support is a responsibility we take very seriously, supporting our customers with value-added services worldwide. That includes our ability to upgrade Lehrs to increase their productivity and fuel efficiencies. And regardless of the make of the Lehr, Bowman has developed a highly efficient system for Lehr upgrades that ensures fast turnaround to restore production in minimal time.


Bowman has always being synonymous with quality. However, even the highest quality equipment still requires minimal periodic maintenance to maintain its efficiency and productivity. Our experienced technical staff is on hand to provide efficient, professional and reliable servicing on Lehrs regardless of the make. We also offer a full range of spare parts for both new and existing legacy equipment. Contact lehrparts@hft.com for a quotation.