The HFT Construction and Field Services Team is recognized throughout the world for its outstanding record of on-time, under budget and safety performance for the construction of glass facilities.

Constructing a crown

Our highly trained and experienced project managers, supervisors, superintendents and craftsmen are among the most respected in the industry. The leadership, initiative and attention to detail provided by these people, together with thorough planning and engineering practices, have enabled HFT to achieve this reputation in over 40 countries worldwide.

Our construction projects range from Greenfield projects to major modification of manufacturing plants to meet the demands and quality requirements of our customers. We provide complete turnkey supervision and skilled tradesmen for all of the disciplines listed below.



Refractory Installation


Structural Steel


Civil Work

LHS furnace

Mechanical Installation


Electrical Installation


Control and Instrumentation


Piping System Installation

Robotic demolition

Robotic Refractory Demolition

The HFT Construction and Field Services Team has also distinguished itself as experts in Hot Work repair in areas such as hot checker changes / repairs, doghouse repairs, throat repairs, sidewall overcoats and breastwall replacement. Our construction personnel are always ready to respond immediately to our clients’ needs.

Construction Supervision

HFT’s construction supervision services to ensure the quality installation of a project. Our construction supervision team coordinates manpower and materials to complete projects on time and under budget, by focusing on the following areas:

Safety Control

HFT believes strongly in safety and complies with all government safety regulations and requirements. All of our supervision personnel go through OSHA training while our laborers are safety trained on each job. A full time safety officer is assigned on most shifts of larger furnace repair projects. Most current PPE equipment is provided to the HFT site workers.

Materials Control

On most jobs, HFT assigns a person as a dedicated materials manager. This person will sort and inspect materials for any damage. They also stage material to keep the project moving smoothly.

Quality Control

Our supervision team is trained to pay close attention to detail during the furnace rebuilds. They ensure that the construction work is performed strictly per engineering specifications and requirements.

Subcontractor Management

HFT typically acts as a general contractor and has several subcontractors work for us. Our superintendent or project manager works closely with our subs to coordinate the daily work schedule and overall success of the project.

Schedule Control

HFT always considers the schedule as a top priority with our clients. Project schedules are developed at the beginning of a project and updated frequently throughout. Our supervision team excels at keeping a job safe and on schedule.

Labor Management

HFT is a strong union contractor and signed with most of the international union organizations. We use both local and traveling labor. Our superintendents and foremen are trained to work closely with the skilled labor forces to keep the jobs site safe and adequately staffed.

Pre-Operational Check-Out

HFT supervision team performs a pre-operational checkout of any systems that we have worked on prior to lighting the furnace.