“The Problem Solvers of the Glass Industry” 

Engineering Services—The Engineering Team of Henry F. Teichmann, Inc. is known as the “Problem Solvers of the Glass Industry.”  With several hundred years of cumulative engineering experience in the glass industry, by employing state-of-the-art computer software programs, the latest AutoCAD release and 3D design tools and software, as well as high speed internet connections, the HFT Engineering Team provides clients the benefits of the most recent technological and communication advances. Designs can be done in metric or U.S. systems.

The HFT engineering staff has the most extensive experience in the glass industry. Each engineer specializes in one area of the complete project requirements of our customers.

Basic Design Engineering

At the outset, HFT Engineering develops detailed plans for working with associated engineering, procurement and construction work based on the client’s requirements and formulates the most effective strategy for carrying out the project.

Detailed Design Engineering

On the basis of project specifications, Specialty engineers, such as mechanical, piping, combustion, civil, architectural, electrical, instrumentation and furnace, prepare specific data, such as, diagrams and plot plans, structural blueprints, layouts and detailed designs. Occasionally a model is used to provide a three-dimensional perspective.



Mechanical Engineering
Plant mechanical engineering includes, process equipment for the batch house, furnace and bath.

Civil Work and Building
HFT can perform civil and building design beginning with determining loadings for foundations and continuing all the way through site planning and process building.

Refractory Engineering
Design and engineering of refractory materials for the melting furnace, refiner, distributor, forehearths, canals and tin bath.

Complete plant piping engineering includes natural gas, oxygen, steam, heavy oil, light oil, LPG, water, compressed air and emergency power fuel supply.

Electrical Engineering
Complete electrical services and all electrical systems that include but are not limited to main power feed, distribution, substations, transformers, switchgears and generators.

Structural Steel
Design and engineering of structural support steel and all related steel systems necessary for a glass process.

Controls and Instrumentation
HFT has the expertise in glass process controls and instrumentation. Our state-of-the-art system designs take advantage of latest information technology and control elements including quality devices to provide the best solutions to the sophisticated process control requirements in the glass industry.