The Henry F. Teichmann, Inc. Purchasing Team has many years of unparalleled experience in worldwide sourcing. 

The Henry F. Teichmann, Inc. Purchasing team has many years of unparalleled experience in worldwide sourcing. Our purchasing team knows where to find the best source of qualified supply that fits the budget. We have implemented vigorous programs in quality assurance and vendor price/performance verifications. Over the years HFT has purchased hundreds of millions of dollars of goods for the glass industry, almost half of that being refractories. This gives us tremendous purchasing power since we have positioned ourselves to be a complete turnkey (engineering, procurement and construction) provider in the glass industry.

Capabilities-Procurement Management

HFT’s Purchasing Team has worked with international freight forwarders for decades and developed excellent contacts. We use only the most cost effective freight forwarders who deliver the cargoes to the sites on time and safely.

Procurement of Equipment and Materials

Before placing orders, HFT’s procurement personnel makes assessments of equipment and materials for price, quality and lead time to assure the selection of the best vendors. HFT has qualified providers of material, equipment and services around the world and can make the best purchases both at home and abroad.

  • Basic Procurement Planning

  • Inquiries

  • Quotation Analysis

  • Vendor Selection

  • Subcontracting and Purchasing

  • Manufacturing Schedule Control

  • Packaging and Shipping Control

  • Documentation

  • Customs Clearance and Import/Export Formalities


Equipment ordered undergoes stringent inspection for both quality and safety standards. Quality control is done by a team of experienced inspectors and engineers familiar with performance requirements and latest techniques for ensuring delivery in perfect conditions.


Provides accurate paperwork to meet strict requirements of shipping, customs declaration, banking and government regulations.


After fabrication, equipment and materials are delivered to the site according to field construction schedule. Detailed studies examine transport limitations and restrictions when large, oversized shipments are involved. For overseas projects, meteorological and transport factors, seaworthy packaging and stowage are given top consideration. HFT shipping team covers planning, packing, customs clearance, import applications for various kinds of formality and on-site deliveries.