Turnkey Plants

The key to the success in turnkey projects is to seamlessly integrate engineering, purchasing, construction and project management.

Henry F. Teichmann, Inc. has successfully implemented glass projects around the world by using a turnkey project approach. All activities of building a turnkey plant are coordinated and cost, schedule, safety, technical specifications, performance are properly managed and prioritized throughout the project. The clients are placed in the center of the process, with regular project review meetings and periodic updates and reports.

With the turnkey services, projects of any size typically see reduced cost, shortened schedules and better coordinated activities. Larger rebuilds and Greenfield projects benefit the most.


Types of Turnkey Plants


For over a half a century, Henry F. Teichmann, Inc. has participated with many different companies in the transition from the vertical draw to the float process. The continual re-engineering of the float glass process over the years has revolutionized the flat glass industry, achieving a consistently higher quality product. Today we take for granted the design and process requirements that have produced the increase in quality and production rate while decreasing the fuel consumption and environmental emissions.

HFT is capable of designing and building complete production facilities for all type of float glass including architectural, automotive, coating and electronic float glass, ranging from ultra-thin to ultra-thick, low tonnage to high tonnage and ultra-clear to privacy tint.  The HFT engineers are exceptionally experienced in building both regenerative float glass furnaces and oxy-fuel float glass furnaces.



Henry F. Teichmann, Inc. continues to meet the needs of the ever-changing fiberglass industry by providing fossil-fuel melters, electric melters, direct fired melters and oxy-fuel technologies. Redesign of existing process technology has become a specialty of HFT as increased production, higher yields and environmental regulations are now the driving force behind the changes in process design.

HFT has provided furnaces that range in size from 35 to 250 MTPD in production of fiberglass applications for wool, continuous strands, chopped strands and other type operations.



Henry F. Teichmann, Inc. has designed, built and commissioned complete process facilities for high quality container glass operations. In doing so, we have established a worldwide reputation for technical excellence, safety, environmental concern, outstanding customer service and effective cost control.

Our commitment to total quality performance is evidenced in the design and construction of plants and furnaces that meet the individual clients needs in industrialized and developing countries.


Sodium Silicate

Henry F. Teichmann, Inc. has worked with several leading sodium silicate manufacturers in design, redesign, build and rebuild of this unique process.


Foam Glass

Henry F. Teichmann, Inc. has participated in the design, build, rebuild and repair of plants for this special glass material.


Tableware and Specialty

Since its inception, Henry F. Teichmann, Inc. has engineered and constructed virtually every type of glass furnace. Our expertise ranges from small day tanks to large float glass melters and from lead crystal to the increasingly more important environmental waste recycling furnaces. HFT personnel have the widest experience in specialty and pressed ware production of any private glass engineering firm.

Our employees are experienced professionals who are capable of designing, engineering and constructing any type of glass manufacturing plant that our clients require. We are extremely knowledgeable about plant layout criteria and design concepts that are essential for a fully integrated glass manufacturing facility.


  • Borosilicate Tubing

  • Lead Crystal

  • Environmental Waste

  • Hand Glass

  • Pattern Glass

  • Tableware

  • Pressware